The Vision

We are experts in mind-based health with expertise in clinical diagnosis and treatment, performance enhancement, behavioral management, and leadership development. We are an organization founded in the belief that each and every person has something to offer and that no single person is capable of providing expertise above and beyond many. To put it more simply...we function as a team offering our expertise in many areas to those in need.



L.E.A.N.Lipolysis, Energy Allocation, and Nutrition
The L.E.A.N. program is a simple, scientific approach to burning fat (lipolysis) via allocating calories throughout the day and emphasizing consumption of the "right" foods in the "right" portions.

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Mindfull Medicine

Mindful MedicineExpert Mental Health Consultation
We offer expert and prompt psychiatric and psychopharmacologic consultation to individuals, families, primary care physicians, and other mental health professionals

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Heart of a Hero

Mindful MedicineMen's Health and Age Management
Men are underserved in their emotional and psychological needs. We provide comprehensive assessment and guidance to men to maximize their longevity and quality of life

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Head Coach

Head CoachPremier Life Coaching
A Life Coach is more than a friend, a counselor, a therapist, a teacher or a trainer. Life Coaching represents a one-on-one or one-on-few mentor who helps individuals reach their life’s goals.

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Get Psyched!

Get Psyched!Lecturing and Educational Services
We provide the highest quality speakers with extensive teaching experience and expertise in subject matter.

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Championship Performance Group

Championship Performance GroupSports Performance Consultation
We provide a comprehensive approach that involves body, mind, and spirit. We understand that athletic training requires customized steps at different developmental levels.

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Mindful Law

Mindful LawLegal Review and Consultation
We provide expert review and testimony for cases in an attempt to guide lawyers regarding mental health related issues.

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Addiction and Behavioral Management

Mindful LawAddiction and Behavioral Management
Addiction is a war and people are dying. The enemy is cunning, powerful, and unfortunately, patient.

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Inhance Leadership

Inhance LeadershipCareer and Leadership Development
The amazing transformation that occurs when leaders know their role, own their role, and perform their role will bring yet unforeseen results to your effort and will bring your leaders to life!

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