Lipolysis, Energy Allocation, and Nutrition

Simple. Scientific. Successful. This nutritional program is designed to feed you, prevent hunger, and drive you into a fat burning state. The human body burns energy (calories) as it needs to; on a consistent and predictable basis. Eating is our way of providing an energy source. When we consume too much food at any given time (too many calories), energy gets stored as fat. A measure of daily caloric intake (calories in; calories out) is not adequate to assure energy utilization. In other words, the body responds very differently to 1000 calories consumed at one meal versus 500 calories consumed over two meals.

Similarly, if we calorie restrict (diet), our body adjusts its metabolic fire lower to compensate for the lack of energy. It will also begin to look for alternative energy sources within the body (first glucose, then glycogen, protein, and, finally fat).

Consuming the right foods, in the right amount, is at the heart of most weight management programs. We believe eating at the right times (allocation) is just as important; the cornerstone of the L.E.A.N. program.

We want to keep your body in a fat-burning state; 24 hours a day. The primary goal of keeping your body in a fat-burning state is to keep your insulin level down and your glucagon level up (two hormones secreted by the pancreas). You will begin to incinerate fat.