Addiction and Behavioral Management

Addiction is a war and people are dying. The enemy is cunning, powerful, and unfortunately, patient. Addiction finds the weakest and most vulnerable and infiltrates covertly, working from the inside out…deceiving, cheating, and destroying. Battles like this are commonplace and victories are rare. To expect an individual to fight this alone is suicide.

We believe the fight against addiction requires a team of professionals who have the weapons to fight this disease. We understand that PAIN or the AVOIDANCE OF PAIN is both the great motivator and the great immobilizer. Pain moves people to new places or keeps them stuck. Addiction affects the entire family, not just the addict. The commitment of the family to treatment often enhances the outcome.

What makes us different is our customized approach to treatment. We don’t believe in “cookie-cutter” programs that work for some, but not many. Everyone has a story, just as unique as the next. We use an integrative model incorporating the Twelve Steps, expert behavioral programming, and emotional assessment and treatment. Consistency, structure, and longevity are key components to our program. Given the necessary duration of treatment, we try to do our work in a collaborative, outpatient setting. This allows for flexibility, convenience, and longevity. Addiction is managed in a predictable sequence: abstinence, working through emotions associated with abstinence, stability over time, and recovery, or in other words…how to live again.

If you or a family member need our help...we are ready. Are you?