Heart of a Hero

Men’s Health and Age Management

Men are underserved in their emotional and psychological needs. This leads to a dysfunctional balance in life; with work taking priority. Financial pressures, overwork, and unhealthy lifestyles lead to stress related symptoms including weight gain, insomnia, low energy, trouble concentrating, and others. Ultimately, stress KILLS.

Greater Than One is a comprehensive system of management for men focused on the “mental, emotional, and psychological” aspect of life, work, family, and self. Our efforts are focused on health and betterment; not disease and treatment. We bring together experts from many fields who are committed to helping men live longer, healthier lives.

Is your libido reduced?
Are you having trouble losing weight?
Are you having trouble thinking and remembering things?
Are you having hot flashes or sweating spells?
Are you having trouble sleeping?
Have you taken many psychiatric medications that didn’t seem to work?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you may be suffering from a hormonal imbalance associated with aging.

Aging is inevitable, but the process can be exciting and full of positive challenges if done in the right way. We provide consultation regarding the possibility of hormonal imbalance and its role in your mental health. The science behind healthy age management is evolving and showing great promise in prolonging healthier lives as we age.

While focusing on things like regular exercise, balanced diet, and stress management, we also believe that sometimes the brain and body don’t respond optimally to these daily routines. When you’re doing everything you can, but not getting the response you desire, Greater Than One’s Heart of a Hero may be what you need.

We will ask you many questions about your current symptoms and may recommend blood work to better define your hormonal profile. If there is evidence of abnormal or age-related decline in hormone balance, we may then recommend hormone replacement for “hormonal optimization”. The risks and benefits of this type of therapy will be explained and you will be able to make an informed decision regarding your aging process.