Mindfull Medicine

Expert Mental Health Consultation

Have you ever...

…wanted a quick consultation today, tomorrow, or even this week; only to find out the soonest appointment is in two months?
…simply wanted a quick consultation to determine what to do with a medication dosage or switch?
…wanted a second opinion regarding a diagnosis or treatment recommendation?

Mindfull Medicine is a new concept in the delivery of mental health care. We provide expert and prompt psychiatric and psychopharmacologic consultation to individuals, families, primary care physicians and other mental health professionals. We utilize every modern technology to maximize convenience and availiability including phone consultation, teleconferencing, internet coorespondence, and traditiional office-based assessment.

Our consultative services are available for children, adolescents, and adults and are designed to expedite feedback regarding questions of diagnoses, treatment recommendations (e.g. need for hospitalization), and medication issues. Our goal is to provide prompt and direct information to those who need it. Stop worrying and call! Your questions could be answered as early as today.